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Despite all of the confusing things you may have read, social media for law firms is merely a shift of the networking we’ve always done to an electronic medium. Firms that recognize this shift can benefit immensely. We develop and manage your social media presence on your behalf so your firm won’t be left behind as professional networking shifts to the web and social media.
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attorney blog publishing


We develop, publish and promote compelling blog posts profiling your firm’s successes and optimized for the search terms prospective clients use. An active blog dramatically increases the chance of your firm appearing in prospective clients’ search results. It also assures that when your firm does appear in search results, your listing is the most compelling choice.
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attorney website design


We make your attorney website attract clients by implementing a modern, visually appealing design for both traditional and mobile browsers, and assuring your site appears when prospective clients search for your services. The result is your website reaches a much wider audience of prospective clients, draws attention in search results, and compels site visitors to call your firm.
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attorney web advertising


We develop and manage web advertising programs that incorporate traditional venues such as Google Adwords and cutting edge programs including retargeting. All of these programs focus precisely on your practice areas and locale, and are designed to conform with your budget. If immediate results are critical for your firm, web advertising is where to start.
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